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Medical - Safety

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Guide to Safe Scouting

On-Line Guide to Safe Scouting

BSA National Guidelines for all Scouting Activities
Troop Leaders refer to this document to confirm all requirements for the various types of outings. This is a good document to review so that you understand the requirements we must have in place for a safe scouting experience for the boys.

Annual Health Record

New Forms Released - Please use these new forms at your next physical!

It is a requirement of the Boy Scouts of America that the Annual Health and Medical Record, Parts A & B must be completed by you for all activities. Part C of the Medical Form must be completed by a Health Care Provider for activities that are 72 hours or longer (ex. Three-Day Campouts, Summer Camp, NYLT). Because Troop 534 often has campouts with strenous activities (ex. rock climbing, rafting, etc.) we highly recommend that you have Part C filled out even for regular campouts. It is very important to understand the complete medical condition of your son prior to attending these types of events.

The Annual Medical Form is required for all registered adult leaders who attend outings or summer camp. We strongly recommend that any parent/guardian camping with us have a completed Annual Medical Form.

These forms are only available for review by the Troop Health Officer and by Troop Leaders responsible for outings. The forms travel with the Troop Leader in charge.

The forms must be downloaded from the BSA National Website.  Please use this link to access the forms:

These are Adobe Form Fillable files.  You can save them to your computer.

Health Form Status

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  • Current Health Form Status Report
  • Check here to know when your son's health form needs updating.
    There are two dates. One is the date you updated the Health History. The other date is when the doctor completed a health exam.

Medication Log

Scouts who require medications when attending overnight outings must have a medication log completed by a parent or guardian. Scout Leaders must be aware of all prescriptions, over the counter medicines, homeopathic medicines, or vitamins used by the scout. This information would need to be provided to health care professionals in case of emergency.

Special storage requirements (ex. refrigeration) must be discussed in advance with the Leaders responsible for the trip. Scout Leaders will not administer any prescription medications. They will provide safe storage for medicines and oversee the scout when they are taking their medications.

Unlabelled containers (ex. a bag of pills) are not acceptable. All medications should be placed in a zip lock bag with the scout's name clearly marked.

Medication Log      [ Word 2003 | PDF ]

Troop Permission Slips

BSA Regulations require us to have permission slips for each outing. Starting in June of 2016 we will be changing over to this format. We will use the standard BSA form as page 1 and a second page will contain outing specific information. E.G. contact and location information, sign up requirements and deadlines to pay the cook, submit parent permission form, etc.

Depending on the type of activity there may be a need to have permission forms completed for outfitters who run the activity (ex. rafting, rock climbing).

Child Abuse Reporting

Atlanta Area Council Child Abuse Reporting Requirements

Any case of suspected child abuse must be reported according to these guidelines.

Policy - Procedures

If you have questions about Policies and Procedures we encourage you to contact the Scoutmaster or Charter Organization Representative.

Troop Rosters

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